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The Batman Season 02 Episode 9

And so, in borrowed blazers, caps and scarves, Beard and the boys set off for the club. Once there, they manage to con their way past the front desk and upstairs. At the pool table, the pub guys meet their Bizarro World Bones & Honey drink-elgangers, three snobs who immediately suspect they don't belong. Just in the nick of time, Beard shows up and introduces himself as an Irish professor (an extremely Irish professor). He manages to convince the snobs that he and the boys are all Oxford men. In perhaps the most telling comment of the whole episode, Baz asks Beard how he knew so much about Oxford, and Beard says, "I dated a professor at Oxford. And I listen more than I talk."

The Batman Season 02 Episode 9

This beating is getting pretty scary, and James has picked up a pipe, when all of a sudden, Beard is rescued. By whom? By Red Dress' boyfriend, who's been in pursuit this entire time. It turns out that he wasn't chasing Beard in order to hurt him in a jealous rage, at least not entirely. He was chasing Beard in order to return his wallet and his phone. And, for at least the third time in the episode, Beard dropped his keys, so RD's boyfriend is returning those, too.

And then, for the only time in the entire episode, we are at the Diamond Dogs' offices, where it's the next morning. Ted reassures Roy and Nathan that Beard will be there, because he's like the mailman: "He always delivers, and he looks great in shorts." Sure enough, Beard does show up, bringing coffee and dismissing questions about his rather rough appearance. Ted has an agenda this morning, and it's to watch the terrible Man City game. Nobody wants to, but it turns out Ted has a special plan. And that special plan is to watch the game at 10 times its original speed while the music from Benny Hill plays.

This episode is kind of a talker, one of those that it's fun to break down with your friends after the fact, and my interpretations of it are no better than anyone else's. (I also secretly suspect someone will eventually reveal a grand theory that will make me go, "That's what it is!" and I salute that person in advance.) One of the things I find interesting about it is that the surface signifiers are at odds with the emotional story. For instance, this episode uses the classic romantic structure of a long night of searching that finally ends in a joyful reunion, but it's in service of a relationship that still seems quite toxic.

This episode gives the great and good Brendan Hunt (one of the show's creators/writers) a welcome showcase, obviously, but it also underlines the fact that all the people who make up the show's world, including the players and the fans and Mae and the referees, exist outside of Ted's story and outside of his view. The Christmas episode did that, too: It stressed that Ted is not the source of everything for his team, not even all the warmth or all the positivity.

It also gives the pub boys, who are so nicely played by Adam Colborne (Baz), Bronson Webb (Jeremy) and Kevin Garry (Paul), a chance to do something besides stand at the end of the bar and yell, and that's a beautiful thing, too. They really know how to flex the apparently enormous music budget of this show, and just as they used a couple of epic songs at the end of "Man City," they go all-in with "We Are The Champions" here. This was the moment in the episode that brought me to tears (!), because as we've discussed, this show is a knot of love stories, and the boys' love of Richmond is pure and constant, even as the team has been through relegation, even on the heels of a humiliating loss. Where Jane's love collapses when she doesn't get her way, this love is genuinely unconditional, and that's one of the things that makes fans vexing and fascinating.

Batman: The Animated Series is an American television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. Originally, the show aired 85 episodes on Fox from 1992-1995 but was later continued as The New Batman Adventures on The WB and aired 24 episodes. Both series have since aired together on various other networks, including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Jetix, and The Hub. Including commercials, each episode is about 22 minutes long.

Due to the show's success, the Fox network executives ordered a second season of 20 more episodes while the 65 episodes of the first season were still airing. Season Two featured Robin more prominently; eleven of the 20 episodes were given the onscreen title The Adventures of Batman & Robin.

Overall, I thought this episode was a great follow-up to Part 1. It included just enough of Batwoman so that she felt like a real character and not just a glorified cameo and made me want to see more without overtaking the entire story. Yes, you can easily imagine a version of this episode without Batwoman in it, but what fun would that be?

The series is on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be out an hour after it airs in Japan. In the United States, that would be at the following times on Monday:

Everyone talks a lot about seeing new villains or how our favorite characters will team up in cool action set pieces, but for my money some of the best moments in this or any crossover are the small moments between characters, many of which feel like adlibs of siblings ribbing each other because the writers and actors have developed the characters so well. This episode has those in spades, not to mention letting us meet Batwoman in earnest, and a real Arkham Asylum throwndown.

Baby-Doll is an episode of the second season of Batman: The Animated Series. It is notable for introducing the original character Baby Doll to the series, although it is her only appearance in the show. She does get re-used with a new appearance in New Batman Adventures though.

With the complete crew of the TV series, Baby Doll recreates the last episode of the series, where she celebrates her birthday, but this time, the actors are tied to the chairs and the candles of the birthday cake have a dynamite among them. Dahl first pushs Spunky face into the cake..and then lights a dynamite stick ..she plans to "stay" with her family forever killing both her "Family"...and herself. Spunky is the one to blow the candles out and he grabs the dynamite with his teeth and tosses it away from them. When the dynamite explodes in the next room, it creates a big smokescreen and from it comes Robin, who was disguised as Spunky in order to save the real Spunky and to learn Dahl's secret hideout.

When it came time to produce the shows second season, the producers realized they had hit a road block. "Theoretically, he's avenged his father's death and brought to justice the people who did it; why should he go on being Batman?" This question led to the crew tweaking the character further by giving him an "ongoing mission and responsibility," which led to the plotline revolving around Terry's time in juvenille hall. "He's been a bad kid before, and the idea that, somewhere in his past, he's done a few really bad things and he's had to atone for them. He was in juvenille hall at one point in the last few years before he became Batman, and he's trying to atone for that." Specifically, Paul Dini noted that a Batman who'd been on both sides of the law would bring an even more compasionate relationship with the criminals that had to be balanced with "a sense of responsibility to society as a whole."[23]

According to Dwayne McDuffie (the writer of the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue"), Bruce Wayne (the world's greatest detective) became aware that the McGinnis boys (Terry and Matt) were his genetic offspring at some point after Terry assumed the role of Batman. But Bruce chose not to tell Terry as he wanted Terry to be his own man and out of respect for the man who had raised him from birth.[24]

In Superman/Batman Annual #4, Paul Levitz created a story that built heavily on Batman Beyond, but ignored most of the other DCAU shows. It is set after the Batman Beyond episode "The Call". Batman discovers Superman has, over the years, teleported all criminals he apprehended to the Phantom Zone, and Lex Luthor has returned to try to get revenge one last time.

Episode 9 is titled Look for the Light. The episode runs approximately 43 minutes. Judging from the trailer, episode 9 finally depicts Joel and Ellie reaching Salt Lake City after their season-long quest for the Fireflies. Of course, this being The Last of Us, nothing is as simple as it should be, and Joel appears to be in an intense firefight with someone, possibly an Infected.

None. There are nine scheduled episodes in season 1 of The Last of Us. Originally, there were supposed to be 10, but that changed to nine at an unspecified date. Since this is the season 1 finale, there will be no more episodes.

HBO's The Last of Us recently concluded its terrific first season on Sunday night. The series has already been renewed for a second season, which will be developed from the video game The Last of Us Part II. However, showrunners Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Uncharted) revealed the second season would not cover the entirety of Part II and they need a third and potentially fourth season to complete the story.

It's safe to say that after eight stellar episodes, The Last of Us is one of the best shows of 2023. From its effortless world-building to its subtle and layered character development, the show has impressed critics and audiences alike with its excellent storytelling. The show has broken the video game curse and become the rare adaptation that matched the high quality of its source material. And since The Last of Us is one of the most acclaimed video games of all time, that's no small feat.

While some people may be sad that the first season is ending, they will have more to look forward to. A second season has already been given the green light but that's still at least a couple of years away. In the meantime, HBO is offering up an immediate treat for fans: a behind-the-scenes special. The making of The Last of Us will air soon on HBO, but when can people watch it and what is it about? With The Last of Us episode 9 about to air, we have all the answers for you.When can you watch the Making of The Last of Us? 041b061a72


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