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Pierhead Arcade PS4

If you have an affinity for arcade redemption games like I do then Pierhead Arcade is a worthwhile collection. However, just don't expect the games to play even half as smoothly as they do in real life.

Pierhead Arcade PS4

My own arcade? Yes, please! This is exactly how I felt from the moment I entered and saw all the games. Brought to us by Mechabit and published by Archiact VR, The Pierhead Arcade is allowing us to play the coin-based games and brings something very special to the PlayStation VR and this is a very good thing.

Before you can continue, you will need both Move Controllers to play. Once everything is ready, get ready to enter your own arcade. Once I entered it was that moment in Willy Wonka where Charlie and the rest of the Golden Ticket winners entering the factory to see that chocolate river. I was amazed at the number of games that were available. You will see four signs that show you how to move around The Pierhead Arcade. To rotate you will use circle button, to grab things you will use trigger button and the x for toggle grab, to insert a coin, you will use the Move button, and to teleport will also use the Move button.

But if you think these are a lot of games, you would be correct. But there is one more. Hidden behind Super Shot and the other left side of games is two full lanes of bowling. Yes, bowling. Behind able to stand and bowl in VR is awesome. And doing it while hearing all the sounds of the games adds to that pier arcade feel.

You have inherited an old pierhead arcade and you have the run of the place. You can play any game in the arcade as many times as you want by yourself or invite friends into your arcade and play together. 041b061a72


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