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Where To Buy Hair Straightener

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Quick to heat up, it left unruly strands poker-straight in only a few glides and kept hair frizz-free in humid weather. Oh and it shuts off automatically if left untouched for 30 mins, making it pretty hard for you to burn the house down, which is always a good thing.

Yet another entry from ghd, this clever tool automatically detects not only the thickness of your hair, but also the speed at which you're gliding through strands, before adjusting the power accordingly.

The three-step process of washing, then drying, then straightening hair can be a time-consuming bore, but this clever tool takes you from damp to styled strands in just a few mins, without frazzling your mane.

Does straightening your hair take ages, because of how long or thick it is? The ghd Max will basically cut your styling time in half thanks to their wider plates. Natch, like all ghd straighteners they heat up to 185 degrees and take just 30 seconds to do so.

These have a setting called Revive mode which vibrate 8,000 times minute to reduce the friction as you pass the plates over your hair. This, alongside the controlled setting of 150 degrees, help to keep your hair healthy.

The unique 3D floating plate moves left, right, up and down to straighten strands evenly, while air holes on the sides of the plates generate nanoe atomised water particles (containing about 1,000 times more water than regular ions) to hydrate your hair.

Keeks Reid is the Contributing Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan UK. While she loves all things beauty, Keeks is a hair fanatic through and through. She started her career in beauty journalism in 2013 as editorial assistant at Blackhair and Hair magazines working her way to Acting Editor of Blackhair magazine at 23 years old. Now, alongside her Cosmo work, she presents, creates content on social media and works with a range of beauty companies; from consumer and trade magazines and websites to beauty brands and salons. Follow Keeks on Instagram here.

Flat irons are not one-size-fits-all tools: Your styling results will vary depending on the climate, your hair type and texture, and your comfort wielding hot metal plates near your scalp. With the right device and a good amount of practice, the act of straightening hair can be more than the bending of frizz or curls by way of hot force. After we tested the grip, heat, and performance of 11 flat-iron-style hair straighteners on four people with different hair textures, the GVP Ceramic Titanium Digital Flat Iron stood out from the competition with its adjustable temperature (in 10-degree increments) and an easy-to-read digital display that updates in real time so you know when the tool is ready to use.

If our pick is unavailable, we recommend the Rusk W8less Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Iron. It was the third-lightest flat iron we tested at 0.50 pound, but its slim plates get just as hot as those of the GVP, and the cord is the same length. The smaller design of this straightener makes it great for curling or flipping hair. It also fits nicely in an overnight bag.

Romanowski advises going up to at least 300 degrees to get the job done. Try temperatures above 400 degrees only if you find that you have to do multiple passes on strands of hair. Again, the goal is to limit the amount of time that you use a straightener on your hair. One quick pass at a high temperature is better than multiple slightly cooler passes.

We took some vital stats for each flat iron: We weighed each iron on a postal scale, measured the length of the cords, and used a stopwatch to time how long it took to heat up. Then we turned on each straightener and compared the button placement, temperature ranges, and temperature dials. Next, we tested the straighteners on many, many strands of 1-inch-wide dry hair. Some pieces we straightened; other pieces we flipped up or curled under.

We tried dropping each of the straighteners a few times each on a tile floor and then turned them on to see if they still worked (


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