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How To Download And Install IReal Pro APK Full 19 For Free

iReal Pro APK Full 19: The Ultimate Music Practice App for Android

If you are a musician who wants to improve your skills and master your art, you need a reliable tool that can help you practice with realistic accompaniment. That's where iReal Pro APK Full 19 comes in handy. This app is a music book and backing tracks app that simulates a real-sounding band that can play along with you as you practice. You can also create, edit, and share chord charts of your favorite songs for reference. Whether you play guitar, piano, ukulele, or any other instrument, iReal Pro APK Full 19 will make your practice sessions more fun and productive.

How to Download and Install iReal Pro APK Full 19 for Free

What is iReal Pro APK Full 19?

iReal Pro APK Full 19 is the latest version of the popular iReal Pro app, which was created by Technimo and has been featured by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010[^1^]. The app is used by thousands of music students, teachers, and professionals from some of the world's top music schools such as Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute[^1^].

iReal Pro APK Full 19 is a paid app that costs $15.99 on the Google Play Store[^1^], but you can download it for free from our website. The app requires Android 6.0 or higher to run smoothly on your device[^2^]. The app has a size of 80 MB and has been updated on March 23, 2023[^2^].

What are the features of iReal Pro APK Full 19?

iReal Pro APK Full 19 has many features that make it a powerful and versatile tool for musicians of all levels. Here are some of the main features of the app:

  • It's a book: You can create, edit, print, share, and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing. You can also download thousands of songs from the iReal Pro forums in a few simple steps[^1^]. You can edit existing songs or create your own with the Editor. You can also create multiple editable playlists to organize your songs[^1^].

  • It's a band: You can practice with a realistic sounding piano (or guitar), bass, and drum accompaniments for any downloaded or user-created chord chart. You can choose from the included 51 different accompaniment styles (Swing, Ballad, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin,...) and even more styles are available as in-app purchases[^1^]. You can personalize each style with a variety of sounds including piano, Fender Rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, vibraphone, organ, and more[^1^]. You can also record yourself playing or singing along with the accompaniment[^1^].

  • It's a teacher: You can improve your skills with the included chord diagrams that display guitar, ukulele tabs and piano fingerings for any of your chord charts. You can also look up piano, guitar and ukulele fingerings for any chord. You can also display scale recommendations for each chord of a song to help with improvisations[^1^]. You can also practice with 50 exercises for practicing common chord progressions[^1^]. You can also adjust the tempo, key, and loop settings to suit your needs[^1^].

  • It's a friend: You can share individual charts or whole playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and the forums. You can also export charts as PDF and MusicXML files for printing or importing to other apps. You can also export audio as WAV, AAC and MIDI files for sharing or editing[^1^]. You can also backup your songs to avoid losing them.

How to download and install iReal Pro APK Full 19?

If you want to download and install iReal Pro APK Full 19 for free on your Android device, you can follow these simple steps:

Click on the download button below to get 04f6b60f66

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