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Classic Emissive Ores 1.19 (Optifine)

Classic Emissive Ores Resource Pack (1.19.3, 1.18.2) simply makes the ores glow when it is dark. Specifically, it adds an emissive element to Iron, Copper, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Emerald, Diamond Ore and their deeps late variants, as well as the Nether Ores: Nether Gold, Nether Quartz, and Gilded Blackstone. This slight pack not only helps you to find ores easier but also make your Minecraft world become more glittering and stunning.

Classic Emissive Ores 1.19 (Optifine)

Download Zip:

-Added all remaining glazed terracotta blocks, three of which will have metallic leafing when shaders are implemented.-Added large CTM textures for all living and dead coral blocks.-Added random CTM for all living and dead coral and coral fans with 3 variants each (60 total).-Added large CTM for all colors of concrete blocks with unique sides and tops that vary in texture depending on how "painted-on" the color would be in reality.-Designed gray and light gray concrete to better match with stone and diorite respectively for stairs and slabs that work well with them.-Added glowing ink sac that I forgot to include in the previous update.-Restored Iron Golem model for 1.17. (users on 1.16 will need to navigate to assets\minecraft\optifine\cem, delete 'iron_golem.jem' and remove '1.16' from 'iron_golem1.16.jem')-Temporarily decreased brightness of glowmap on warped signs and item icons with their new rendering, until shader maps are implemented.-Fixed a CTM tile issue with glass blocks. For real this time!-Fixed some CTM issues with white, light blue, pink and purple stained glass blocks.-Fixed GUI issue with the game mode switcher after its format was changed from 1.16 to 1.17. Should still be mostly backwards compatible.-Fixed an issue with the glow ink sac model lacking depth.-Fixed an issue with some potion particle colors not loading properly.-Fixed an issue with incorrect weight count for a couple of the dead bush categories.-Temporary fix for an issue with non-ASCII characters being incorrectly displayed by Optifine.[1.17a-preview]-Changed pack format to 1.17, SHOULD STILL WORK WITH 1.16-Added new stone and deepslate ores, including any animated versions and custom models for deepslate ores.-Added textures and large CTM support for deepslate.-Added GUI effects for frozen status, including overlay and frozen heart indicators.-Added GUI effect for spyglass including a rangefinder feature*:How to use the rangefinding:1-Aim your crosshair at the base of a distant block or center of a humanoid-sized enemy/player (2m)2-If a block fits between the crosshair and the red-lines, or a humanoid fits between the 2 red lines they are 64m away.3-The other grades above and below the red lines are in powers of 2:(The two larger lines above or outside red are at 32m and 16m respectivelyThe two smaller lines below or inside red are 128m and 256m respectively.)4-Using this you can guess a rough approximate of how far objects are.-Added textures, model tweaks and item icons for all lit and unlit candles.-Added textures and emissive for glowing item frames.-Slightly tweaked all existing emerald forms to be slightly bluer to look more emerald than peridot.-Slightly decreased size of iron nuggets in preparation for raw ore icons (not yet available).-Decreased opacity of title edition text.-Fixed 1.17 vanilla blockstates that randomized angles of certain blocks that didn't need it.-Fixed golden hearts in Hardcore mode.-Fixed old grass color palette quick fix.-Minor tweaks to fix some issues with seagrass not spawning properly in all ocean biomes.-Extended grass path from 1.16 to dirt path support for 1.17.-Extended squid and random squid art to support 1.17's directory change.-Temporarily disabled custom Iron Golem model, until a solution to repair it is settled upon. 041b061a72


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