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Where To Buy Groovy Girl Dolls [WORK]

Groovy Girls are a doll line produced by Manhattan Toy beginning in 1998. The multi-cultural dolls represent children of all races, and they all exhibit a variety of hairstyles and retro-styled, "groovy" clothing. These soft-bodied dolls are sold in specialty toy stores around the world, and no two characters are alike.

where to buy groovy girl dolls

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Groovy Girls were launched by Manhattan Toy in 1998 to fill a void in the toy industry. Consumers were not only searching for a wholesome and funky alternative to the skimpily-dressed and anatomically-incorrect dolls of the time, but for a soft and cuddly doll as well. Manhattan Toy created four dolls known as Groovy Girls, who were not only made out of soft polyester fabric, but also had bodies that resembled little girls' natural body shapes. These dolls were Lupe, Lexi, Liza, and Lucy. They were initially sold in specialty toy stores such as Learning Express and Zany Brainy. Ever since then, more dolls have been produced each year. They were sold alongside outfits called Groovy Gear.

In 1999, Groovy Boys came along to join the girls. The first Groovy Boys to join the family were Zane and Ziggy. That same year, four dolls (three girls and a boy) were produced in a larger, 18" size. These dolls were Michaela, Gwenn, Gabi, and the boy, Max. Supersize Groovy Girls, at a 40" height, were also first produced this year.

Groovy Girls were initially produced with "smiley faces," but in 2000, Groovy Girls and Boys started to be produced with a sweeter face with eyes that had white highlights. The first dolls produced with this face were the "J series" of boys and girls, although they were first produced with the smiley faces.

Also, the Poseable core doll line was introduced, featuring the adorable plush dolls you all know and love but now with wires in their arms and legs that allow them to strike different poses. The first Poseable girls were Selia, Taryn, Savanna, Trissa, Shayla, and a new look for Trini. These dolls lasted until 2009.

The fall of 2007 saw the final dolls being produced with the face that has beady black eyes. These dolls were the Candy Kingdom line, as well as the two holiday themed dolls, Cinder Sue and Sylvie Starr. In November 2007, a new series of Poseable dolls came out. These dolls were Andie, Anya, Ayumi, Adrianna, Aleika, and Analise. These six sporty girls also were the first-ever Groovy Girls to sport a new face with eyes that have white sclerae and colored irises!

Around the holiday season of 2008, Groovy Girls introduced the RSVP line of dolls. These dolls came with codes which enabled you to get a free song download on the new and improved RSVP in this case means "Respect, Self-Expression, Values, and Play." The RSVP girls celebrated the 10th anniversary of Groovy Girls.

A Groovy Girls doll is a great gift for the groovy child in your life. There are a variety of Groovy Girls dolls available, designed to suit children with a varied number of interests. There is a wide variety of choices of dolls and accessories available.

Launched in 1998 by The Manhattan Toy Company, Groovy Girls dolls are a line of plush doll toys for any youngster who loves creativity, being groovy, and thinking outside of the box. The right doll from Manhattan Toy can bring hours of fun to the Groovy Girls' fan in your life. Here's what you need to know about the right Groovy Girls toy:

The magic of marketing of the American Girl doll is that the girls' superficial wholesomeness attracts well-meaning parents with too much money. One doll comes close to being $100. I bought a Barbie last week for $7.66. I have bought Groovy Girls dolls for $10. What's wholesome about paying $100 for a doll? Yes, the dolls come with a book, but I don't know of any girl who actually reads the books, which are dull and boring.

Some of the dolls are "period" dolls (courtesy of my grandma, we have "Kit," the perky Depression-era girl and "Josefina," the Mexican-American doll living in 1800s New Mexico), but many are not. Note that last year AG introduced a hip, "street" doll named Marisol, who takes hip-hop dancing and has been sold out for months. I say buy the doll if you want, go to the fancy stores in NYC and Chicago if you want, but don't fool yourself that the dolls are health food.

The Groovy Girls collection is an award winning line of dolls from the Manhattan Toy Company. They features embroidered facial features and hands. The outfits are removable and attach with a Velcro-like closure on back. Groovy Girls appeal to every little girls sense of self-identity and individualism. Their cheerful countenances and detailed, carefully styled attire inspires young girls to engage in nurturing and exploratory imaginative play. 041b061a72


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