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Embrace your role as a leader (spiritual father or mother) and discover how to mentor the next generation of spiritual sons and daughters. With a profound and illuminating glimpse at the rise of a spiritually fatherless generation, this thought-provoking book explores how we can begin mending the spiritual rift between fathers and sons. Examining the importance of leaders acting as spiritual parents and their divinely-inspired purpose for guiding the next generation, Breaking The Bastard Spirit unveils a powerful roadmap for how leaders and those that sit under them can develop a stronger, more spiritually healthy bond. Artfully blending personal stories and real-life accounts with examples from the Scripture, this book seeks to shed light on the current state of God’s kingdom on Earth, showing the dangers of raising spiritually illegitimate sons – along with how fathers can embrace their role and mentor sons who can grow to become good fathers themselves. In an age where the church puts more focus on divorce recovery than marriage strengthening, it has never been more important to overcome our spiritual blockages, create stronger communities, and break the cycle of raising another broken generation. Perfect for pastors, leaders, parents, children, teachers, and anyone who wants to become a better spiritual father and lead the way God intended, Breaking The Bastard Spirit helps you radically redefine your view of fatherhood and the essential role you play in the lives of both your biological and spiritual children.“A key contribution to raising up not just sons, but fathers, and helping the body of Christ continue to grow up in every way.”– Putty Putman, Author of Live Like Jesus and Kingdom Impact“This book will be a tremendous key for the fatherless and for those who are called to be fathers and mothers.”– Ryan Johnson, Author of How to Contend for Your Miracle “This book will span the time of longevity and become an instrument in the hands of a generation who will break this spirit…” - Trisha Frost

Breaking the Bastard Spirit - paperback

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