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Who We Are


We are a Non-Denominational Church with a calling to see the move of God while helping individuals discover their identity and empower them to live out their destiny.  We want you to find lasting relationships, or as we like to call "real-lationships". A church with a Prophetic word for this hour where we believe that with God all things are possible. 


First Time? What to expect


How long is our service?

Our services normally lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sunday morning we have a time of music and time of teaching.


What do I wear?

We are a casual church. You can wear what you want, just please wear something. :) The pastor will be wearing jeans. 


Will I be pointed out?

No, you're free to sit and just watch or participate. We don't even do the little greeting time where you are forced to say hello. But be warned, we are a friendly church and people WILL personally say hi and talk to you. Weird huh?



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