Pastor Ren & Rachael Schuffman

Lead Pastor

Pastor Ren Schuffman is the senior pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Mustang OK, a suburb of Oklahoma city. He flows in a strong healing and prophetic anointing. He is a church planter, musician, international speaker and revivalist. He and the ministry has been featured on God Tv, Charisma Podcasts, Morningstar, satellite Tv and more. 

Pastor Ren was called into the ministry as a teenager. Attending Southwestern Christian University and served in every position in church following. Pastor Ren spent many years as a music pastor and spent years touring in a Christian Rock band called StoneWater until the Lord called him to plant a church in 2016.

2018 pastor Ren was at Global Awakening and was prayed over by many in that house including Randy Clark where pastor Ren received a life shifting impartation that launched him into a season of outpouring of healings, signs and miracles.

He is married to Rachael Schuffman (Follow her on Facebook) and is a father of 3 boys. Rachael Schuffman serves Freedom Fellowship as a pastor and heads our emotional healing ministries.

Pastor Ren can be seen around the world on satellite television, Praise TV.

Ren also host the Power Hour of Prayer. This live internet broadcast reaches around the world. Pastor Ren has anointed pastors from across the globe as guests that release the supernatural over those watching. Healing and prophecy happen nightly, it was recently talked about on Sid Roth's It's supernatural. 

You can watch the live every weeknight 8pm Central time at

Amy Finn

Children's Church

Not only is Amy known as a child whisper but she is also a trained medical professional. Amy has worked with children for many years in many different areas. Your kids will learn, grow and have a blast doing it. 

Emily Fatur

Music Leader

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Pastor Chastity Parks

Associate Pastor

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Chris Smith

Lead Tech and Pastoral Intern

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Russ Smith

Men's Leader

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