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Ren Schuffman
Rachael Schuffman

Lead Pastors
Pastor Ren Schuffman is the senior pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Oklahoma city along with his wife Rachael Schuffman. He flows in a strong healing and prophetic anointing. He is a church planter, musician, international speaker and revivalist. He and the ministry has been featured on Christian Tv, CTN tv, God Tv, Charisma Podcasts, and more. 

Pastor Ren was called into the ministry as a teenager. Attending Southwestern Christian University and served in every position in church following. Pastor Ren spent many years as a music pastor and spent years touring in a Christian Rock band called StoneWater until the Lord called him to plant a church in 2016.

2018 pastor Ren was at Global Awakening and was prayed over by many in that house including Randy Clark where pastor Ren received a life shifting impartation that launched him into a season of outpouring of healings, signs and miracles.

He is married to Rachael Schuffman and is a father of 3 boys. Rachael Schuffman serves Freedom Fellowship as a pastor and heads our emotional healing ministries, Book Club, and Teaches Altar Trainings.

Pastor Ren can be seen around the world on television, Global Net Tv, on Satellite at Praise TV.

Ren also is the host of DNA of a Dangerous Church, heard on Charisma Magazine Podcast. Pastor Ren has anointed pastors from across the globe as guests that release the supernatural over the audience. Ren's broadcasts were recently talked about on Sid Roth's It's supernatural. 

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Sondra Smith
Associate Pastor

Sondra Is an Associate Pastor at Freedom Fellowship Church. She was raised up in church, but it wasn't until December 15th, 1998, that she truly gave her life to Jesus. From that point on, her faith became the cornerstone of her life, and she dedicated herself to serving others through the church. Over the years, Sondra has served in many different areas. She has been a member of the coffee team, the cleaning team, intercessory prayer team, and the altar team, among others. She has also been a teacher in Next Steps and has served as Pastor Rachael's assistant. Sondra has been a youth sponsor and is a tri-cord leader in the women's group. In July 2020 Sondra was ordained as a pastor, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her faith and to the church. As a pastor, she is known for her compassionate and empathetic nature, always willing to lend an ear and provide counsel to those in need. She also helps organize various church events and activities. Sondra's dedication to serving others is apparent in everything she does, and her unwavering faith is an inspiration to those around her. Whether she is counseling, mentoring, teaching, or volunteering, Sondra always does so with a kind heart and a selfless spirit. 

Chastity Parks
Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor

Pastor Chastity Parks is an Associate Pastor at Freedom Fellowship Church. She has been a Christian all her life, but did not explode into her calling until 2018, when she gave her yes and decided that pew sitting was not her purpose. As a leader at Freedom Fellowship Church, she has served in many areas, from church cleaning to co-leading women's group, serving in youth as a sponsor to youth pastoring, altar ministry, inner healing ministry, intercessory prayer, helping coordinate events, worship, and a ton of volunteer work.

                  Pastor Chas (as people close to her call her) counsels and mentors with Godly wisdom and operates in discernment and the prophetic. She has seen and heard eyewitness testimonies of healing and deliverance through her worship, or the words released from her mouth. You can follow Pastor Chastity on facebook.


Krystle Kearns
Leader Of Rock Solid/Assistant to Pastors Ren & Rachael Schuffman 

Krystle Kearns will be ordained at Freedom Fellowship Church in May, and  she is currently a student in FMS. She is also Pastor Ren's assistant. She is the founder of Rock Solid ministries which is the "Needs" department of our church that handles the needs of those at-risk of homelessness, poverty, hunger, and those who lack clothing. We help to meet the basic needs of the people both within the church and in the community. Another role she fulfils is on the traveling ministry team where she goes with Pastor to most all of his trips to help support the mission at hand. Lastly, she helps plan the events at the church and do the announcements as well. Her heart is to support the mission of Freedom Fellowship Church and help Pastor reach his goals for the Kingdom of God that the Holy Spirit has put on his heart.


Emily Fatur
Worship Leader

Emily Serves as our worhsip leader. Emily studied music at UCO and served under pastor Ren on his worship team during his time as a worship pastor. With a passion to bring an authentic encounter with God's presence through music you will be blessed by our modern worship style. 


Chris Smith
Lead Tech

Chris has been the Lead Tech at Freedom Fellowship Church since jumping into the role at OSI 2020. He’s always had a passion for the technological and pursued that by getting a degree in IT for Computer Systems Support. Since taking on the position of Lead Tech he has begun shifting his focus from technical troubleshooting, to advancing Freedom Fellowship’s position on the digital front. Working with Lead Pastor Ren Schuffman, they are changing the way that Freedom Fellowship ministers to its congregation both in person and via a growing online community.

With years of tech service in the government, Chris now runs all areas of tech for FFC. Live videos, video production, graphic design, and more. Chris has a passion for tech and a passion for all things nerd. King of the dad joke master of the camera. 


Amy Finn
Children's Leader

Not only is Amy known as a child whisperer, but she is also a trained medical professional. Amy has worked with children for many years in many different areas. Your kids will learn, grow and have a blast doing it.


Mark Alexander
Mens Leader/Co Leader for Power Evangelism

Mark Alexander is the leader of our mens group at FFC on Thursday nights. During our meetings we break off the lies of a "sissy" gospel and discover what a man of God really is and how to walk it out.

He is also one of the Co leaders for our power evangelism team. He goes out and evangelizes throughout OKC and during these outreaches he trains and equips people to co labor with Jesus as they go out to share the good news.


Lorelei McNeil
Leader of Next Steps Class/Overseer of Childrens Church

Lorelei teaches the Next Steps class on Sunday mornings at 9:00.  If you are still new to studying the word and want to be familiar with the culture of Freedom Fellowship Church, then this group is for you.  We will learn the basics of the Christian Faith in an interactive group setting. You will also see her welcoming our guests and providing security for the church.  She is one of the tri-cord in our security ministry. She is also a part of the women's group on Thursday evenings at 6:30. It is a powerful gathering of women. No fluff here, just women fellowshipping with each other and breaking spiritual barriers and seeing lives transformed. She also is one of the tri-cord with Pastor Rachael as our wonderful overseer. She is your contact person if you have any questions about our awesome children’s ministry run by Ms. Amy on Sunday mornings.  Children’s ministry is filled with the word of God in a fun and loving environment. The lessons and activities and the most loving teachers you can find anywhere.


Shoshana Rhodes
Lead of Intercessor Team/Co-Facilitator and Instructor of Freedom Ministry School (FMS)

Shoshana Rhodes has walked with her Lord and Savior Yeshua for over 45 years. She wasn’t looking for Him in the 1970s, but He found her and transformed an atheist Jewish druggy hippy chick into a Messianic believer! 

She has since attended bible college at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, Texas, earning a Discipleship Certificate, earned a degree in Nursing, a bachelor’s degree in management, and a master’s degree in nursing. Who says Yeshua can’t take a drug-induced idiot and bring total transformation! After completing missions training with Youth with a Mission in 1992, she and her husband John traveled the globe bringing the Good News of Yeshua to a variety of states and nations, including living and ministering in Russia for two years. She has operated as a prophetic intercessor since the mid-eighties when few even knew what that was. She is currently co-facilitator and instructor for the Freedom Ministerial training school (FMS) and chief intercessor for Freedom Fellowship Church, an apostolic center in Oklahoma City under Apostle Ren Schuffman and his lovely and very capable wife Pastor Rachael Schuffman. Shoshana is the author of the Amazon best-seller "The Quest for the Lost Foundation" and an experienced teacher of both nursing and the Bible and loves every opportunity to share Yeshua with any size audience, especially the least of these. God is raising up an army, and her desire is to not miss any part of it!

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