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Youth Pastor

"My heart for the youth began when I graduated High School. I saw a group of students who would challenge adults at every chance to be real. They were fed up with "do as I say, not as I do." So, I asked my pastors at the time if I could volunteer as a youth leader and was told they were going in a different direction; So, I let that rejection hit my heart for years.


Here at FFC, I fell into youth ministry, I was asked to help, then left to lead a group of youth. I didn't want to be cause of that previous rejection, but my heart soon re-awakened. Then what fueled my heart was "If I can get them to understand NOW what took me years to learn", I can change their generation. So, I continued to lead as a youth leader, and I soon shifted and began to see each student as my kids. A name from Senior Pastor Ren Schuffman shifted my perspective and my calling to youth. As the newly named 'Dark Egle' the students became my babies in the nest, that I needed to grow and foster.


In 2022, I shifted from leader to youth pastor, and my heart for the youth has only grown. As leaders at FFC, we impart, we activate, and we practice in the house what God calls us to do in the world. I tell them if you can do it here, we will do it out there (in the world). When your teens come to Remnant Youth, they will see and do differently.


I am a pastor that will fight for your youth. They have access to me, because this ministry is not one that I clock in and out for. I am not a Sunday/Wednesday fellowship, because I don't serve a Sunday/Wednesday God."

Our youth are not just the Church of Tomorrow, but the Church of Today. We are training them to not only reach their fellow youth, but empowering them to impact everyone they meet. Combining worship, teaching, and activation we are training up a generation of youth that will put Jesus on display for the world to see. In doing so, they will also share just how much God loves his children, and wants to have a relationship with them. The Remnant are a Lifeline to the youth.

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