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To My Atheist Friends

I would like to take a few minutes to give you my reasons why it is that I believe and serve the God of the Bible, yes the one with magic babies and talking snakes.

I hear his voice, no I'm not schizophrenic! I'm pretty sure you can't be taught schizophrenia. So when I teach people the deeper things of God and they all start learning to hear God's voice clearly, well. How do I know it's God? He says things I couldn't possibly know. Like what? Glad you asked.Like prophecy for others. Yup knowing things about other people that a can't possibly know, including their future. No, I don't see dead people. Unlike medians who talk to the dead. I hear the same voice, it never changes.

When I pray for the sick they get better. I'm not talking the common cold. I'm talking about dying men who can even sit up. When I command them to sit up in the name of Jesus they do! My mother was dying as I grew up all through high school. Only some knew I cried myself to sleep thinking her disease would leave a young boy weeping over his mother's lifeless body one sad morning. We prayed and an incurable disease was cured. That's 2 out of 100's of stories.

I love science. I almost went to school for marine biology. Over the last 20 years of my faith, I have had a lot of people bash my faith as non-scientific. What's funny is that everything they made fun of, science actually caught up and proved it. Science now agrees that the whole universe was created by traveling sound waves, look it up. Yeah that magic God "spoke" and it was created. Interesting. Then theirs those crazy verses like psalms 19:1-4 where the Bible says the stars speak but we can't hear them, crazy talk? maybe just poetic. Oh yeah, scientists use the sounds stars omit to determine star sizes and distance, sounds we couldn't hear until modern technologies. Weird how those wondering desert Hebrews knew that. Don't get me started on the science of Cymatics, that's the study of what happens to matter when sound waves hit it. I covered that in my sermon series "In the Beginning". That's just a taste I could talk for 10 hours about the word of God and science. 10 plagues of Egypt. It never rained before the flood, science proves them all as real.We can't really know, theirs no way. Sucks to be you because I know.

Your argument that YOU have never seen, felt or heard him so no one can no is absurd at best. Let's apply that evenly. I've never seen a Viking, I've never personally seen an atom or the great wall of china, I've never seen the ancient city of Troy or Alexander the great for that matter George Washington. So we just can't know for sure so instead, I'll just turn a blind eye.

The word says if you seek him WITH ALL YOUR HEART you will find him. Not just go to church once or look up a few scriptures. Have you ever sought out the evidence of God? Shoot, most Christians have never done this. That's why your an atheist. If a Christian would have introduced you to the God I know you would have a different view instead of a God that is just here to give rules. Do this don't do that, Parents! I mean GODS! My God lives. You just can't know what you don't know. I understand, but I'm willing to show you.

You are invited to witness his power at my church, you are invited to see lives changed every week, you are invited to see Gods love for real and up close. You are invited to show up skeptical and even doubtful. You are invited to show up with bad manners and sweat pants, God doesn't care about that. You are invited to debate me on whether or not the God of this universe really does love and care about you personally.

Still not sure. Watch my sermon series on the science of the bible. I dare you! Click Here

Pastor Ren Schuffman Freedom Fellowship Church

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