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Your Miracle is a Click Away!

The church is undergoing the greatest shift in it’s history and your miracle might be waiting on the other side. What if your miracle was waiting on you to click it?

“Hallelujah my sinuses has cleared up”, “No pain”, “I’m laying in bed and just felt my spine move, wow glory”, I went to the doctor today and couldn’t turn my neck from an accident and I just turned my head and neck, not stopping and no pain”, the stiffness went from a 6 to a 0. I have chills all down my back,” “back pain 0”, “I can hear out of my right ear again”, “I have fibromyalgia and have been in constant pain for 13 years and all the pain just left!”

This is not a collection of testimonies, these are all from Thursday night 9-18-2020. Over 20 people said yes to Jesus on the same broadcast. Imagine this night after night. Digital revival is real.

As we shift into a new year on the Hebraic calendar we are making a serious and significant shift in the supernatural. Last year was the year of Pey (the year of the mouth) This year starts not only a new year but of stepping into the decade of the mouth. The enemy has spent this year trying to silence the voice of the church. First he tried covering us with masks. When that was unsuccessful he began to have demonic led governors tell churches that they can't sing or worship while protesters are permitted to shout. This has been a year where the enemies voice has been louder than the churches. But I see a shift, a shaking, a reset.

The Hebrew new year is today (5781). The hebrew word for 5781 is "ook". It means, cause to totter. like a teeter-totter we all played on there is a shifting of sides, the voice of the church is beginning to totter back into the high position as the enemy is being lowered. I saw scales of justice begin to rebalance for the church and the world.

The decade of the mouth will not just see a repositioning of the saints and the enemy but you will see a realignment of God's generals. This will be a season I hear the Lord say, the unknown are becoming the known. The entire system is being turned on its head. For as long as we have had a church we have had kingmakers. Those in positions of authority and power have decided who should rise to authority and influence in the church. Something major has shifted and I believe heaven is behind it. The enemy tried to silence the church by shutting the doors but some in the church heard the Lord and flanked the enemy and while he was attacking the walls we went around and took back the airwaves. When the enemy returned from his conquest of closed churches he found that his kingdom had been overrun with Christians on live media praying, delivering, prophesying, seeing miracles right through the god of the airs territory. So as the enemy is on the run so the shift inside the church and our world has also begun.

With the creation of social media and in particular live streaming the power of kingmakers has been removed. The power to choose who has influence over the church body as a whole is now decided by the people, not those in influence. While traditional services aren't going away, we don't need any famous pastors to endorse us or invite us to speak at their conferences to be recognized anymore

We can click and button and be in the right position to release our anointing and anyone that wants to follow us can. Live streaming is making the unknown known. At the same time, it is separating the wheat from the chaff. Known pastors who speak around the world, on TV shows and are invited to stadium arenas are going live on their social media to crickets. I see it every day. Pastors that have huge influence with kingmakers have no influence with the people. The people are deciding who they see the anointing on in this tottering season. You will see those ministers appointed by men fade away and a new group of technology driven Christians rise up as the Lord exposes the anointing on their lives. I’ve watched people who held no position in church go live only to have more people watching than their church they attend, seeing more miracles than their church has ever seen. He is opening the mouths of God’s anointed and silencing the mouths of what man appointed. I've helped many of these unknowns and put them under a covering so they have someone speaking into them. They are raw and in unfamiliar territory so I'm helping equip them as people new to influence.

The digital church is born. I've seen it! You might say it was already here, I was watching sermons on YouTube for a decade. This is different. There has never been a platform where not only can I deliver the gospel to you but I can do it in real-time, I can take your comments, your prayer requests. I can prophesy over you and pray for you and see you healed on the spot. You can confirm your word. You can confirm the prophecy. I can minister to you almost like you were sitting in my church and see God move. I have seen dozens of healing on my nightly broadcasts Mon-Fri. Not total, on each broadcast. Dozens prophesied to, dozens healed, pain free and set free. Just this week on ONE broadcast we had 17 people declare that when we prayed the pain left their body, 6 eyes healed, headaches cleared, lungs opened, blood sugars dropped to normal and financial blessings happened. We have seen people get out of wheelchairs and leave hospital beds after God healed them on our live stream. We've seen them lose weight and find money in their wallets. God is on the digital move.

I know because I'm one of those traditional pastors that preached on Sunday morning only to find the doors closed. So I went live and started praying for people. People started showing up and God started showing off. In just 6 months we have seen thousands of miracles.

The enemy is terrified at what he returned home to. So much so that he has been trying to bring waves of censorship to social media. The church will not be silent! This year it will be the enemy that is silent. This year you can click and button to get your breakthrough. You can just press a link and get prayer. So it's time for saints to rise up and live up. Go live and begin to pray for people. Jump on lives and be apart of the prayer teams. Support the unknowns that are displaying the power of God. It's a generation of digital John the Baptists, they are not crying out from the church pulpit but from the digital forest and people are coming and getting restored. God has been calling those who have a heart for the sheep and he himself in this digital age is taking you from the pasture to the palace. Pastors, find those in your church anointed for digital ministry, if it’s not you, and help position them. Some of your ministries and your miracles are just a click away.

Watch live at 8pm CDT Mon-Fri


Pastor Ren Schuffman is the senior pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Mustang OK, a suburb of Oklahoma city. He flows in a strong healing and prophetic anointing. He is a church planter, musician, international speaker, author and revivalist.

Pastor Ren spent many years as a music pastor and spent years touring in a Christian Rock band called StoneWater until the Lord called him to plant a church in 2016.

2018 pastor Ren had a life-altering encounter with Holy Spirit that launched him into a great outpouring of signs wonders and miracles.

He is married to Rachael Schuffman and is a father of 3 boys.

Pastor Ren can be seen around the world on multiple satellite television stations, Charisma Magazine, and more.

Ren also host the "Power Hour of Prayer". This live internet broadcast reaches around the world. Pastor Ren hosts anointed pastors from across the globe that partner with him to release the supernatural over those watching. Healing and prophesy happen nightly.

You can watch the live every 8pm Central time at

Parler @renschuffman


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