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Gemstones from Heaven Raining Down. Passion, Power and Purity is Being Poured Out.

April 23 2021

By Pastor Ren Schuffman

Something new is being poured out from heaven, something powerful that has shifted the church into waves of revival. It’s finally here and I saw it! It is being released to rain down on the body of Christ.

On Sunday, April 11th, I released a word at our Sunday night service. The Lord took me into an open vision as a fresh wind blew in and His weighty glory fell on me and the room. I saw gemstones raining down from the heavens. I saw 3 colored stones - red like a ruby, green like an emerald and transparent like a diamond.

I looked up toward heaven and saw a row of angels standing shoulder to shoulder. As I sought the Lord, He showed me there were twelve angels just over my church and maybe fifty in my area, and as I pulled back I saw multitudes lined up and pouring out all over the earth.

Each angel had what appeared to be silver bowls in their hands and they were pouring the gemstones out of those silver bowls. There was also a fine silver mist or powder accompanying the stones, and that was something I did not fully understand until today. Numbers 7:84 talks about 12 silver bowls dedicated to the temple; this is a governmental number for church authority. Jeremiah 52:19 says they were “drink offering bowls”. How overwhelming to read this after what the Lord showed me. I believe the silver dust was the drink offering being poured out on us!

The three types of gemstones that rained down on earth were not ordinary gems, they appeared almost wet. When they fell on the people standing with their arms stretched out the gemstones were indeed liquid. They did not splash off those they landed on; instead, they would land on the skin and be absorbed into the person’s body. Each person’s body soaked up heavenly gems until they were saturated.

Now the Lord had truly captured my attention. “Liquid gems that are absorbed; what is this Lord, what are these gems?”, I asked. The Lord answered me and explained: “The red gem (ruby) is for the increase of my love (passion) in this season; I am pouring into you my love in greater measure. The green gem (emerald) is a new power and season I am releasing to you.” I saw new life and seeds growing up into fruitful plants that brought an abundant harvest. This new power was signs and wonders being released on the earth for the equipping of the saints. It was for the new revival that has begun to be poured out from the gold bowls of heaven (see my word on that here). The Lord continued: “The transparent gems (diamonds) are my righteousness being poured into everyone to purify the bride of Christ, to cleanse you.”

The love of God came first and the purity last. One to go before us and one to go behind us, both to guard and protect us from this heavenly power corrupting us. God is taking us into a season of exposure. For us to walk in this new era of greater power, it is vital that His love and purity anchor us to His will. His love is increasing our passion, His purity is increasing our clarity to see and hear heavenly things.

The Lord led me to study these gemstones as I didn’t have any scriptural reference to back up this vision. What I found was startling. I released this on my Power Hour of Prayer live broadcast on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 here.

There are 2 types of gemstones, Isotropic or single refracting stones, and Anisotropic or doubly refracting rays. Gemstones that are isotropic keep the single ray of light that enters but Anisotropic ones produce 2 rays or are twice as reflective in the light. This scientific truth was only discovered in the last century. Why is this significant? Glad you asked.

“The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with every kind of jewel. The first was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, the twelfth amethyst.” - Revelation 21:19-20

The twelve foundation stones are ALL anisotropic stones! However, the three stones I saw in my vision are ALL isotropic stones!

“You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, emerald, and carbuncle; and crafted in gold were your settings and your engravings. On the day that you were created they were prepared.” -Ezekiel 28:13

We see the three stones of the vision the Lord gave me in this passage and Exodus 28 describes the twelve stones that are on the priest's breastplate, including the three I have mentioned. So scripture is making it abundantly clear these isotropic stones are for created beings only. They are to be poured out over and adorn living, created beings. Wow! The two types of gemstones are different and the bible separates them for specific reasons. Man can have both kinds but heavenly buildings only have one kind; we are set apart from all creation. So what is being poured out is truly for us!

When I released this word, Collin Birchmier, my church evangelist, began to weep; you see, he had the same vision of liquid gems raining down earlier that Sunday morning. Not only that, the Lord had shown him this was coming five years earlier. The vision was so transformative that he tattooed a key on his arm that had the 3 gemstones of the vision on the head of the key. This was a royal key from the kingdom. (see actual picture below).

God confirmed His word. The greatest confirmation of this word, though, came several days later. Someone who saw my live broadcast on these gemstones sent me the word Tim Sheets released on April 21st, seven days after my live message. I have no connection to Tim so I know the Lord is moving. Here is a paragraph from Tim’s word:

“For the synergized generations, in sync with angel armies, will be soaked in the fresh rains of heaven and will leap forward into great revival. It will accelerate in power, passion, and purity. I will validate it with signs, wonders, and miracles. Notable miracles will leap into your families. Transformation will leap into prodigals. Notable miracles are leaping into your regions. The revival in the womb of My kingdom will leap into being. It’s leaping from those who have been in travail. Leap into your future. Forerunners, run! Run through the doors of opening and into the new era I have planned. Run to align your region with My Word. Generations, run into the outpourings of heaven.” -Tim Sheets- Read the word here:

Wait, liquid gems though? Is that really a thing? Turns out it not so off the wall. As I released this, information was presented to me by Bill Fowler. Gems can actually be classified in terms of water. What??? The finest gems are called “first water”. says:

First Water:

1. the finest quality of diamond or other precious stone

2. The highest grade or best quality

3. the most extreme kind

Power, passion, and purity raining down from angel armies! Come on, Jesus! These are the exact same things Tim, Collin and I have seen. A refreshing of His spirit is pouring out on you today, this is the offering of the Lord. He is offering you a new pouring out from heaven; will you let it rain on you? Will you pour it out? Receive this live-shifting in-filling. Receive this empowering and increase of the Spirit of God today! Thank you, Jesus!



Pastor Ren Schuffman is the senior pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Mustang OK, a suburb of Oklahoma city. He flows in a strong healing and prophetic anointing. He is a church planter, musician, international speaker, author and revivalist.

Pastor Ren spent many years as a music pastor and spent years touring in a Christian Rock band called StoneWater until the Lord called him to plant a church in 2016.

2018 pastor Ren had a life-altering encounter with Holy Spirit that launched him into a great outpouring of signs wonders and miracles.

He is married to Rachael Schuffman and is a father of 3 boys.

Pastor Ren can be seen around the world on multiple satellite television stations, Charisma Magazine, and more.

He host "Dna of a Dangerous church", a podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network

Ren also host the "Power Hour of Prayer". This live internet broadcast reaches around the world. Pastor Ren hosts anointed pastors from across the globe that partner with him to release the supernatural over those watching. Healing and prophesy happen nightly.

You can watch the live every 8pm Central time at

Parler @renschuffman

Get his book "Breaking the Bastard Spirit: Why the Church Needs Fathers Now More Than Ever"

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